Srene Cannabis - RhinoHub Case Study

Apr 8, 2018

Welcome to the AccuSource Digital's case study on Srene Cannabis. In this detailed analysis, we will dive deep into the collaboration between Srene Cannabis and RhinoHub, focusing on their journey in achieving remarkable digital marketing success. Discover how the expertise and strategies of AccuSource Digital helped Srene Cannabis establish a strong online presence and surpass their competitors in the cannabis industry.


Srene Cannabis, a renowned name in the cannabis industry, faced several challenges in terms of digital marketing and maximizing their online visibility. RhinoHub, a leading platform for connecting businesses with top-notch digital marketing agencies, recognized Srene Cannabis' potential and introduced them to AccuSource Digital.


AccuSource Digital, a trusted name in Business and Consumer Services - Digital Marketing, specializes in helping businesses thrive in the online landscape. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a vast array of digital marketing solutions, they were well-equipped to assist Srene Cannabis in achieving their marketing goals.

Keyword Research and Strategy

AccuSource Digital conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable keywords for Srene Cannabis. By analyzing search trends and competition, they devised a comprehensive strategy to target high-converting keywords and optimize Srene Cannabis' website accordingly.

Website Design and Development

Understanding the importance of an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website, AccuSource Digital worked closely with Srene Cannabis to revamp their website. By employing modern design techniques, intuitive navigation, and responsive layouts, they enhanced the overall user experience and ensured seamless accessibility on various devices.

Content Creation and Optimization

AccuSource Digital's proficient copywriters crafted engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly content for Srene Cannabis. By incorporating industry-specific keywords strategically into the content, they increased organic traffic and improved search engine rankings. The content emphasized Srene Cannabis' unique selling points, product range, and the benefits of their offerings.

On-Page and Technical SEO

AccuSource Digital conducted a detailed on-page and technical SEO audit of Srene Cannabis' website. By optimizing meta tags, improving page load speed, fixing broken links, and implementing structured data markup, they ensured that the website adhered to best practices and search engine guidelines. This resulted in better visibility and higher search engine rankings.

Social Media Marketing

Recognizing the vast potential of social media platforms in promoting brands, AccuSource Digital created a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for Srene Cannabis. By carefully curating engaging and shareable content, running targeted ads, and fostering an active online community, they boosted brand awareness, increased follower engagement, and drove traffic to Srene Cannabis' website.

Search Engine Advertising

In addition to organic strategies, AccuSource Digital implemented well-targeted search engine advertising campaigns for Srene Cannabis. By leveraging platforms such as Google Ads, they ensured maximum visibility for Srene Cannabis' products and services, driving qualified leads and improving conversion rates.

Analyzing and Optimizing Results

AccuSource Digital constantly monitored and analyzed the performance of the implemented strategies. By utilizing advanced analytics tools, they gained valuable insights into user behavior, conversion rates, and areas of improvement. This data was utilized to refine the strategies further, ensuring continuous growth and sustainable results for Srene Cannabis.


Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Srene Cannabis, RhinoHub, and AccuSource Digital, Srene Cannabis achieved exceptional digital marketing success. Their online visibility increased significantly, leading to amplified brand recognition, higher organic rankings, and improved customer engagement. The comprehensive strategies employed by AccuSource Digital propelled Srene Cannabis to a leading position in the cannabis industry.

If you're looking for digital marketing solutions to elevate your business, contact AccuSource Digital today. With their proven track record and expertise across various industries, they can help you achieve unrivaled online success.

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