Metric Conversions For Paper Size and Weight

Feb 24, 2019


Welcome to the ultimate guide for metric conversions related to paper size and weight. AccuSource Digital, a leading digital marketing company specializing in business and consumer services, is here to provide you with comprehensive and accurate information. Whether you are a graphic designer, a printer, or simply someone who needs to convert paper measurements, our detailed guide will help you make precise calculations.

Paper Size Conversions

Understanding paper size conversions is essential when you work with international clients or need to produce prints for different markets. AccuSource Digital has gathered the most relevant information for you, allowing you to confidently navigate through the various paper sizes used globally.

A Series Paper Sizes

The ISO 216 standard defines the A series paper sizes, which are widely used for printing purposes. The most commonly known size is A4 (210mm x 297mm), used in North America and Europe. However, there are other sizes in this series that you may encounter. Here's a quick overview:

  • A0: 841mm x 1189mm
  • A1: 594mm x 841mm
  • A2: 420mm x 594mm
  • A3: 297mm x 420mm
  • A4: 210mm x 297mm
  • A5: 148mm x 210mm
  • A6: 105mm x 148mm
  • A7: 74mm x 105mm
  • A8: 52mm x 74mm
  • A9: 37mm x 52mm
  • A10: 26mm x 37mm

B Series Paper Sizes

The B series paper sizes are also defined by the ISO 216 standard and are commonly used for posters, wall charts, and other larger prints. These sizes have a different aspect ratio compared to the A series. The B0 size (1000mm x 1414mm) is the largest, while the B10 size (31mm x 44mm) is the smallest.

C Series Paper Sizes

The C series paper sizes, again defined by the ISO 216 standard, are primarily used for envelopes. These sizes have the same aspect ratio as the A series, but with different dimensions. The C0 size (917mm x 1297mm) is the largest, while the C10 size (32mm x 46mm) is the smallest.

US/Imperial Paper Sizes

If you operate in a region that follows the US or Imperial paper size standards, you may need to convert between these sizes and the metric equivalents. AccuSource Digital has compiled a comprehensive conversion chart, ensuring you can easily navigate between the two systems.

Paper Weight Conversions

Accurately determining the weight of paper is crucial, especially when it comes to printing and choosing the appropriate paper for your projects. Our detailed guide will help you understand the different weight measurements used worldwide and ensure accurate conversions.

Basis Weight

The basis weight, also known as grammage or ream weight, refers to the weight of a single sheet of paper at its standard size. It is usually expressed in grams per square meter (gsm). Understanding how to convert basis weight values enables you to compare and select the right paper for your needs.

Pound Weight

In the US and other regions still utilizing the Imperial system, paper weight is commonly measured in pounds (lb). Converting between gsm and pound weight can be cumbersome, but our guide simplifies the process. Whether you are looking for lightweight paper or heavyweight cardstock, AccuSource Digital has you covered.

International Paper Sizes and Weights

Aside from conversions between US and metric paper sizes, it's essential to understand the weight variances between different paper types. AccuSource Digital's extensive guide includes comprehensive charts and tables, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.


AccuSource Digital's "Metric Conversions For Paper Size and Weight" guide is your ultimate resource for accurate, detailed conversions. Whether you work in the printing industry or require precise measurements for your projects, our comprehensive guide will help you navigate through the complex world of metric conversions effortlessly. Trust in AccuSource Digital's expertise to provide you with the reliable information you need for successful endeavors in the digital marketing landscape.

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